Paige R. Testimonial

If you have any type of pain and have been trying to find a good PT or even have seen many PT's that didn't help at all.. you have come to the right place!!!

Brian is SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I've had knee pain for about 1.5 years. I have seen a total of 5 different PT's and all of them helped here and there, but my knee pain kept coming back. Brian is very very experienced and within 2 months I barely have any knee pain left. He is very patient, knows how to treat anything, and really can help. I thank Brian everyday for giving me my drug back - allowing me to run again! I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. Trust me, I have seen a total of 5 different PT's and finally was going to give up. After doing some research I thought why not give it one last try... SERIOUSLY guys he is A M A Z I N G. All the other PT's would focus on my knee since it was where the pain was coming from.. Brian focused on my hips, making sure they were strong because my knee was overcompensating for tight/weak hips.

- Paige R.

Brian King