Personal Trainer

Nat is a movement specialist with extensive experience training a diverse groups of clientele including high level athletes, weekend warriors and the inexperienced beginners. Individuals seek out Nat for his high level of care and attention to detail. Nat sets himself apart with his thorough evaluation, his commitment to continued education, and his ability to tailor programs around the client's specific fitness goals. Nat specializes in making his clients move better. He is results oriented and always stresses quality over quantity. Nat trains a diverse group of clients ranging from high level athletes to those recovering from injuries and setbacks. Nat understands the importance of staying on top of the current science and trends in health and fitness and spends his off hours constantly reading and researching in order to help his clients reach their goals.


  • (KI) Kinstretch Instructor

  • (NAsm) National Association of Sports Medicine

  • (CPT) Certified Personal Trainer

  • (FRCMS) Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist

  • (FRA) Functional Range Assessment

Brian King