Alyssa S

I worked with Brendan.  He was super thorough with explaining my payment options, and was kind in keeping lines of communication open with me in case I had any additional questions.  And I had a TON of questions.  So thanks for your patience haha.  I went in for my initial session where Brendan thoroughly assessed (and explained--both in PT jargon and every day English) what could be the potentially causes for my pain, and also what could be done to ease the pain.  Like I said, this wasn't a major injury, but a chronic issue that I was hoping to manage and get under control.  From there, we talked about a suitable treatment plan.

Throughout the sessions that I went to over the course of the next couple of months, Brendan helped strengthen my weak points, and gave me exercises to work on at home to continue that work.  Each session was always a good challenge (ha-ha to my poor strength), and was also just super chill to talk and catch up with Brendan.  I got stronger, and learned certain techniques to curb my pain.

All in all, I'd highly recommend going to Kauno.  They make an effort to make you feel comfortable, and they're great people!

-Alyssa S.

Brian King