We're Starting a Blog!

Yes we know, very original…and 2007. But our goal is not to attract millions of followers or to show you why we’re better than the rest. Our goal is to provide quality, accurate and digestible information to those who are seeking to better themselves. Although we’d love to claim all of our posts will be objective and science based, that’s just not always possible in our industry. We can promise our honest opinions and our honest interpretations of the science.


The reason we have committed to creating this blog is to help counteract common misconceptions regarding physical well-being and performance. We currently have access to more information than ever before. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time, or knowledge, to sift through the bad information in order to get to the good stuff. Instead, we follow the popular accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube. Some of these accounts are great resources providing quality information (we will try and point you towards the good ones). But there are also thousands of these accounts/influencers who have “sold out” and are simply trying to earn status, endorsements or praise (we will help you to steer clear of these ones).

We aren’t here for the doctors, the trainers or other practitioners. We’re here for the patients, the athletes, the weekend warriors - any of us who are trying to be better.

-The Team at Kauno